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Dubai is one of the latest additions to the list of foreign destinations among Indian students. Factors like good infrastructure, warm and hospitable people, affordable tuition costs are some of the reasons that lure Indian students to Dubai.

It is well connected internationally – most importantly close to India as compared to other preferred destinations for studying abroad. It is hardly a 3-hour flight from India making room for students to take low-cost flights back home at a moment’s Types of visas:

  • Family-Sponsored Dubai Student Visa
  • Educator Sponsored Dubai Study Visa
  • Short Stay Dubai Student Visa

Eligibility Criteria

These are the following eligibility criteria :

Undergraduate course

  • Students should submit LORs, personal essays, marks sheets, predicted grades to the respective university website.
  • IELTS score and a minimum score of 65% – 70% is required in the 12th standard

    Graduate/degree courses
    • A minimum of 55% in bachelors is required.
    • 6.5 Score in TOEFL/IELTS, is needed.
    • Students have to submit LORs and personal essays to the selected universities.

      • Most business schools prefer 2-3 years of experience for admission.
      • Students should submit their personal essays, LORs, and grades.
      • Selected candidates will have to attend an interview.


There are two intakes for Dubai Universities

Under graduation intake :
April/May; July/August; December/January
Post-graduation intake: July/August; December/January

Documents Required

The following documents are required to process the Dubai student visa:

  • Two Passport size photos
  • An acceptance evidence letter from the UAE tertiary institute
  • Evidence of financial ability.
  • Once the student arrives in the UAE, he/she has to submit three copies of a passport with an entry visa stamp.
  • In case a candidate has opted for university accommodation,he/she may be required to produce a letter from the university or a tenancy agreement
  • Copy of tuition fee receipt for the current study year of the program
  • copy of the Visa fees receipt for the present study year of the program.
  • Those opting for the post-graduate program will be required to get their under-graduate degree attested.
  • Medical test results taken at an authorized UAE medical center

Applying Process

Listed below are the detailed steps that one should follow when applying for the Dubai student visa:

  • Before applying for a visa, ensure that you are clear on your purpose of visit
  • complete your visa application form and affix your photograph
  • photos must be in accordance with mandatory specifications
  • Attach all supporting documents required as per checklist. make sure your application is complete. Incomplete applications are not accepted.
  • Submit your application at the Dubai visa application center along with the applicable fees in cash
  • Once the visa is approved the PNR will be uploaded and the visa copy can be collected from the application center.

Cost for an Dubai Student Visa

Tuition fees in the UAE vary widely across the country depending on university ,location,level of study and course at.

For example,

  • In Dubai,the UAE’s most expensive city,tuition fees for an undergraduate program ranges between 37,500 to 70,000 AED P.A
  • For an post- graduate program is between 55,000 to 75,000 AED P.A
  • The living expenses for an undergraduate can cost approximately 2500-4000 AED.
  • The fee for a post-graduate program can cost 55,000 -75,000 AED per month
  • Dubai is a sophisticated city, and the cost of living for a student can vary from $1200-$1500 USD, which includes food, rent, entertainment, and other expenses.
    UAE Student Visa Cost
    • Visa Processing Fee: AED 2300 – 2700
    • Refundable Visa Deposit: AED 2500 – 3000 (The refundable amount can be returned after the completion of studies in the Universities.)
    • *There may be a need for AED 1300-1500 for health insurance if your proposed university needs it as a mandate.

Processing Time for Student Visa

After all the correct documentation has been submitted visas generally take 2 to 5 weeks for processing


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