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To study in Germany, The first thing you’ve got to do is to find out if you need a visa to study in Germany as an international student, and if you do, what type of visa you need to apply for considering the length and nature of your planned studies.

The minimum duration of this visa is about three months and it can last up to 4 years depending on the duration of your course. This visa can be extended under certain conditions. The German Student visa can be later used to seek Permanent Residency.

Types of Visas

Here are the three types of Germany student visas you can apply for:
  • German Student Visa
  • German Student Applicant Visa
  • German Language Course Visa


The general timelines for application submission are as follows


Intake 1: Summer Semester – Submit your application before January 15th
Intake 2: Winter Semester – Submit your application before July 15t

Documents Required

The most important requirements during your Germany student visa process are:


  • National visa application which is duly filled and signed
  • You need to provide your valid passport, Photocopies of your passport, Birth certificate, Marriage certificate (If applicable), Birth Certificate (For dependent children), and Photographs (Recent)
  • Academic Certificates( 10th, 12th and Degrees)
  • Conditional Admission Certificate
  • Confirmed Intensive Course
  • Proof of Language Course (3 months fee proof)
  • Admission Certificates
  • English Proficiency Test/German Proficiency Test.

Financial Proofs

Proofs of Financial Resources:
  • Deposit €10,236 in a German Blocked Bank Account
  • Fund Proof for Parents ( Income, Financial Assets)
  • Recommendation Letter from German Resident Scholarship Certificates
  • Bank Guarantee (by Recognized German Bank)

Applying Process

The German student visa application process can be a confusing process for many international students. The procedures are different from country to country, but you can have a general overview of the main steps you need to go through below
Here are the few steps you need to follow:
  • Choose your college or university
  • Start with the enrollment process
  • You are required to provide the proof of sufficient funds to cover your living expenses in germany
  • Schedule an appointment with the embassy for your visa interview with the embassy
  • The visa fee has to be paid at the time of the visa interview
  • You will receive the revert from the embassy that your visa is approved

Cost of Applying for Germany Student Visas

Germany student visa would cost you around 75€ and for the residence permit visa you would cost around €110

Processing Time for Student Visa

Generally, the processing time for a Germany student visa could go up to 12 weeks or more based on your documents and for Germany residence visa it can take a long time to be issued, which is anywhere between 8 to 12 weeks



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