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If you dream of going abroad and becoming independent while studying, do not worry about the cost, Poland is ideal for a student on a tight budget. It is a place where you can earn a diploma and there are more than 1.1 million students studying in Poland, at almost 400 universities. What is even more impressive is that most of the programs are offered in both Polish and English Language; on top of that, there are hundreds of languages that are taught here.

Poland has as many as 14 of their universities in QS World University Ranking, and Warsaw University is the world's best university and falls under the top 3 % universities in the world as ranked by Times Higher Education Poland attracts lakhs of applications for higher education due to a multicultural approach and a productive environment. Poland’s higher education system is also known for its specialized technical institutions


There are two intakes for Poland universities.

Intake 1: September/October and goes on until February/ March in Poland
Intake 2: February and ends in July or August every year

Documents Required

You will generally need the following documents for your Poland Student Visa

  • Filled-in student visa application form
  • valid passport
  • 4 passport size photos
  • Official letter of acceptance from the educational institute in Poland
  • A short CV
  • Your school and diploma certificates
  • Evidence of proficiency in the language in which you wish to study
  • Confirmation of having the funds for study and living
  • Health insurance
  • Receipt of payment of tuition fees for the first semester
  • proof of accommodation( if required)

Applying Process

Here is the applying process for Poland student visa.you need to undergo the following process :

Your Preparations :If you are a student from Poland, you won’t need a visa to study. But students in India and other countries need to apply for a student visa to study. Start preparing for the necessary visa documents and start setting up appointments while applying to universities. But it can be a struggle as you have to send so many applications and documents to universities, embassies, etc. You also run the risk of filling in the wrong information or misunderstanding the structure. That can lead to the rejection of a visa. You also need to check if you are eligible for a scholarship. So you should fill in the correct information without any misunderstanding and misleads.
Apply at University’s website: Have a look at your programs on your desired university website and apply for the one you want to pursue. You would need to visit websites separately as Poland doesn’t have a unified website for all the university applications. Hence the process is time taking, and you better start early.
Fulfill language requirements: Both the applications for the visa as well as a university need you to be proficient in the English language. At the minimum, you should try and pass with flying colors in one of the following tests:
  • PTE Academic
  • C1 Advanced
    Final Steps: You’d need to apply for a temporary permanent residency permit no matter where you live. Your Master’s degree will last more than three months, and hence you’d need to apply for residency. You should also consult with your university’s International Relations Office for information like medical certificate, driving license, insurance, and more.

Cost while living in Poland

At public universities, both Polish and EU/EEA & Switzerland students do not pay tuition fees for degrees taught in the Polish language. All the other study programs demand tuition from students. In general, costs vary between:
  • 500 – 6,000 EUR/academic year for Bachelor’s degrees
  • 1,000 – 8,000 EUR/academic year for Master’s degrees
    Some degrees in Dentistry and Business (especially MBAs) can cost over 15,000 EUR/year. You’ll also pay more if you enroll at private universities. Although they are few, you can find free programs in Poland. They are more common at the Master’s level and while some of them are free for all international students, others are only free for EU/EEA citizens. As always, our advice is to check if tuition fees apply to students from your country to avoid any unpleasant surprises.

    Student living cost in Poland : Poland is an affordable European country with a pretty stable economy. Living costs for international students vary between 350 – 550 EUR/month. You can adjust your budget depending on the city or area you wish to study in. Larger cities such as Krakow or Warsaw require between 500 – 850 EUR/month. s

Processing Time for Student Visa

As practice shows, the period for obtaining a visa to Poland takes from 5 to 10 working days. But on the official websites of the Polish consulates, there is information that the time for consideration of documents can take up to 30 days.


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